SpaceJam Juice: My Story


As a smoker, I was looking for a way to quit or cut down. I knew that my cigarettes were costing me money and that bothered me, but, there was something that bothered me more. My partner hated the smell of my cigarettes and breath and I knew it wasn’t going to help my health down the road. See, as my doctor told me, it’s not just the tobacco. It is also the chemicals in the filters and papers. He suggested that I switch to vapor and when I am ready maybe even quit. I ask him about the effects of vapor and he told me it was safe. He suggested I try Space Jam Juice. As it turns out, he himself is a smoker and is currently using SpaceJam juice.

So, I started to use Space Jam and I found that I enjoy it very much. The first one I tried was called Astro. This one tastes like apples and strawberries. It is very fruity and yummy. I enjoy the taste it creates when I inhale and when I exhale. It makes my mouth water. Perhaps this is because I have always loved the smell and taste of fruit and to have that in my vapor just creates an amazing sensation for me.

I also tried a few other flavors that I love. One that I enjoy is Galactica. This one is on the sweet side. Again it has that strawberry taste but it also has a Champagne kind of flavor too. I use this one as my special treat. When I feel like I earned it, I load up my vapor and take a few puffs of Galactica. It just helps me to calm down, get rid of the stress of the day and enjoy some sweetness. I can see this being a flavor that I use more over the long term because I find it pleasing. For now, I am keeping it as my special treat to myself. I tried Venus too. To me, Venus is like eating a caramel sundae with peanut butter and marshmallows. It’s like a desert in every breath.

One thing that I really love about using Space Jam Juice is that the flavor lasts for a long time. I don’t have to use as much of the product to get continued great taste. I also found that I use a small amount to be satisfied. This is great for me and my partner no longer has an issue with me smoking my vapor. I also know that the health issues are less than before. I’m not filling my lungs with chemicals from burning paper and filters along with nicotine. To top this off, I am satisfying my taste buds. That was my biggest fear when switching to vapor, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it because it so different from the standard smoking I was used to. However, I kept an open mind and tried flavors that I thought sounded good. I think that’s the whole key, try as many flavors as you can and keep the ones you enjoy. You can buy all of the amazing Space Jam flavors atĀ where you can also find otherĀ delicious brands, and trendy vape equipment.